Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree


Oh Christmas tree,
Oh Christmas tree.
Please don't be 
pissed off at me.

Okay Folks, It's that time of the year  again. So bend over and grab your ankles. Not only are the stores going to butt fuck the government is looking for a reach around also. And why wouldn't  they. We let them get away with so much. We have so many taxes, I really thought the next one would be where they put a meter on our chest and tax each breath....I better shut up. There's still time for them to do that. But NOW!!!! They've come up with a little twist..  and yes, it's gonna be your left nipple. The BASTARDS plan on taxing our Christmas trees. The real trees. Where in the fuck do they get off doing this???  Aren't they the pricks that said we have to have separation of church and state???  Soooo... where the fuck do you get off taxing Christmas trees??? We can't have a mangers on our front lawn cause some fucked up pus sucker will feel insulted by it. Get a life you waste. And don't look at it jag-off. 
 We can't have statues of Jesus that honors our dead heroes. We can't say Merry Christmas...we have to say Happy Holidays.... which is still nice... but not the same.  We can't have crosses in the classrooms at a christian school, because some Muslim choose to go to that fucking stupid are you???  

How undemocratic. Where's the equality? Political Correctness tells us to say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", as to be all inclusive. So, is the Federal Government going to tax Hanukkah and Quanza paraphernalia?  Of course not. I say I'm fine with taxation, as long as there's representation. If the government is going to tax my holiday, than I want to see baby Jesus on the front lawn of every public school, the nativity scene in front of every public library, and the 3 wise men in front of the court house.

My season's greetings to all PC assholes out there, May you wake up with a Yule Log up your ass. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Whaa Whaa.....Shut the fuck up Kim !!!

Is that love in her eyes, or is her brain de-fragmenting?

72 days of being married.......Hell, I know know people who take longer dumps. These two Assholes never even gave it a chance. Ohh wait a minute. I take some of it back...There's only one asshole..right Kim??? Yeah Bitch, you know I'm right. But you and your fucked up family want to blame Kris for all the shit you're going through. Now I know he's to blame  for some things. Like wanting to set up a home, Wanting you to be a part of his life in his hometown. WOW!!! What a PRICK !!  Wanting to get to know you better, and not on a fucking airplane heading for some city that  you and your asshole sisters want to sell your shitty clothes line in. What's the name of your clothes line, DASH? What's that stand for; Derriere All Sized Huge? You bitch, moan and complain about his not working. Like it's his fault the fuckin' NBA has screwed him and his fellow players over. With all the games he's played, you would think the guy needs a little breathing time. dare he goes partying...what else is there for the poor schmuck  to're to busy with everyone and everything else. Now I'm not saying he's without blame...But you two have only known each other for 6 months. I'll bet $20.00 you don't even know what size underwear he wears. Bill and I will be married 13 years in 6 months and there's still things we're finding out about each other. You know what? I think a divorce would be the right thing.....for him. As for need to be shot in the ass with an 88 magnum. It shoots through schools, so I know it will shoot through that big huge ass.